Trexton - Proof of Concept

Evil drones and aliens kill everyone in the future

LOGLINE: In a dark future, a soldier fights to save his family and the World from a mysterious alien menace. 
PLOT: In the year 2148 a global war between two super power is fought by armies of drones. 
After five long years of battles, most of humanity is destroyed and the drones are left to capture and kill all the remaining humans.  
Trexton is a soldier in one of the few human units in the US army. While fighting on the field, he loses communication with his headquarters and makes the decision to return home, But then something goes terribly wrong...
NOTE: at first i directed and produced a music video based on this idea and then I edited the proof of concept to create a teaser for a feature film with the same theme 
proof of concept: a teaser film developed on a very limited budget that’s created to show studios what that production team can accomplish